Udayagiri Estate

Udayagiri estate is located at Hosapura village in Chikmagaluru district of Karnataka. It was started in 1925 by family of Kalasaiah and is currently being run by his young and passionate coffee grower son Mr. Pratheek
The estate is located at an altitude of 4000 feet and is in the best zone of Western Ghats popularly known as “Giri”. The coffee grown here is under trees like orange, fig, jackfruit, white teak, silver oak, rose oak and jungle woods, which provide natural manure as fertiliser.
In 2010, the new generation of Arabica coffee like Chandragiri and Selection795 were added to the existing plantation.
The methodology adopted by Prateek to grow coffee, has resulted in high cup scoring and weightage of seeds, ultimately providing excellent flavours and taste.

Elevation: 4000 Feet