Stanmore Estate

Stanmore Estate is part of MSP family who migrated to the Shevaroys from a small southern town in Tamil Nadu, India. MSP Senthikumar Nadar, started trading in coffee, cardamom and other spices like many others at that time. Currently the fourth and fifth generation of MSP Family, Mr. Mohan Rajes, and his sons Navin, Ashok, and Kamalesh are taking their coffee business to greater heights.

Stanmore Estate is located in the serene Shevaroy Hills. It is popular for its dove like slopes, rich soil and lavish rainfall. It has shades of various canopies of native Shola, Fig, Jackfruit, Jamun and Silver Oak trees. The coffee is grown in areas which lie between 4000 to 4300 feet. The coffee grown is Hawaii Red Catura, Catimor, BBTC, SLN09 and Chandragiri varieties of Arabica.

Elevation: 4300 feet

Plantation Certification: UTZ, Rainforest Alliance