Gungegiri Estate

Mr. K.S. Vaidyanathan was founder of Sangameshwar Coffee Estate. His vision is presently being carried forward by Mr. S. Appadurai and Mrs. Hamsini Appadurai, the third gereration coffee planters.

The Gungegiri estate gets its name from the beautiful location where it is situated. Being located at the foothills, it gets an abundant supply of water which seems as holy as that of Ganges. Not only is the land fertile here, but it is also a paradise for flora and fauna. The Arabica coffee grown here gets a filtered shade from variety of trees like Figs, Basri, Neeroli, etc. These also enhance the unique taste profile of the coffee grown here. Committed to produce sustainable coffee and majority of the works are carried out manually. The estate boasts of protecting natural, aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.

Elevation: 4430 Feet